The players took the field in their possession and maintained their dignity. Sometimes the underdogs fought and reached glory while in the other times, the star teams failed to put up a better fight. This is what the entire UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers are about. With heartbreaks to surprise victories, the craze remains throughout the World and not just in Europe alone.

Did you miss out on the guts and glory of the matches just because you were sick? Oh, that must be a hard blow for any diehard football fan to miss out on these football matches. Or maybe, you just want to take a recap of the most awesome matches and experience the Goosebumps one more time. Be whatever the reason is, here is a list of the top two table-topper teams so far from each of the groups A to J.

The Enthralling Leaders So Far From Group A

Group A sees some outstanding European qualifiers as England, and Kosovo is on a hard duet in trying to hold the topmost position. With 9 points from three played matches, England look on a good spirit with seven matches to go. Kosovo is also not far behind as they are trailing England with 8 points on board from four matches.

Having three out of three wins, the English looks enthralling while Kosovo has two wins and two draws in their bucket. The Czech Republic is the third team, but their chances look feeble with the fierce battle between England and Kosovo. Let us move on to the next group for Euro 2020 highlights.

Rise Of The Underdogs From Group B

Group B of the Euro 2020 Qualifiers has seen some of the most stunning soccer matches so far. Ukraine proved how powerful underdogs could become and they toppled out Portugal to be at the top spot with 13 points from five of their ten matches. They have right behind them team Portugal who has 5 points from three matches.


Although Portugal can still gain their glory by taking the top spot, yet they are not looking to be on the best form as what Ukraine is in. After they come to Luxembourg and Serbia, who can qualify if things go wrong ahead for Portugal.

Battle Between The Stars And Underdogs From Group C

Updates from Group C will show you the hardcore battle between the stars and the underdogs. The top two teams are on the same points, and the win-loss ratio from the same number of matches played. While Germany holds the top position by having more stats, Northern Ireland is also giving a tough battle.

Well, with the one head-to-head encounter, Germany ended on high notes defeating Northern Ireland for 2-0. Both the teams have 12 points under their hood and Netherlands, although it has 9 points, can still sparkle a miracle if any of the top two teams start shaking their castles down.

The Best Football Teams From Group D

The competition in Group D of the Euro 2020 Qualifiers is also taking the fans on the level of excitement. The top teams at the moment are Ireland and Denmark with 11 and 9 points respectively from the five matches they have played.

With 8 points from four matches, Switzerland looks to have enough chances to turn the tables and get their chances to qualify. Things will get intense in the later football matches when the three teams fight against each other.

The Nail-Biting Encounters From Group E

Soccer matches are always about thrills, and that is what is happening in the Group E of the Euro 2020 Qualifiers. Croatia is leading the table with 10 points from five matches, having three wins, one loss and a draw under their hood.

The underdogs in the table are not far behind with Slovakia and Hungary battling with 9 points each from five matches. Slovakia has two wins and losses while Hungary has three wins and one defeat. With more stats, Slovakia is in the second spot with Hungary on the trail.


Battle Of The Stars And Underdogs Rise Again In Group F

The European Qualifiers 2020 has evidenced some of the best matches between the best teams with the rise of the underdogs. Star-team Spain is leading the table with outstanding form.

They have won all the six matches of their six encounters so far. With 18 points, they are looking formidable. The second and the third teams Sweden and Romania have also put a great fight to score 11 and 10 points respectively from their six matches.

The Best Teams From Group G

With Poland leading the table, Slovenia is in the second spot. From six matches, Poland won four to have 13 points so far. On the other hand, Slovenia is trailing from their three wins of six matches with 11 points on their name. These two teams are playing the best football matches because the competition is on. After them, Austria is trailing them with 10 points.

Battle Of The Favorites And Underdogs In Group H

France is one of those favorites of the Euro 2020 Qualifiers, and they are striving with that fame bagging in 15 points from six matches with one draw and all wins. Do not get startled to know that Turkey is just behind them with the same number of points and wins. Iceland is in the third spot with 12 points from six matches. Read about how watch football highlights if you miss football matches.

Battle Of The Beasts In Group I

The table-toppers are Belgium and Russia and guess what; they are not looking in a good mood to give a chance to the other teams. While Belgium has won all six matches, they have played gaining in a massive 18 points; Russia is not far behind with 15 points from five wins of the six matches. Their stats and points easily make them the best teams at the moment in the Euro 2020 Qualifiers.

Highlights For You From Group J

The last group of the European Qualifiers 2020 has Italy on the top with an undefeatable performance of six out of six wins to have 18 points. Finland is trailing them with 12 points from four wins and two losses. Considering the stats, these two are the best teams at the moment from the last group.

For now, these were the highlights so far and the top teams at the moment from the Euro 2020 Qualifiers.

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