If you want to be in the field of sports broadcasting, you may end up presenting the play-by-play narrative of a game in progress or give color commentary on the game while giving background information about athletes, game analysis and rules. Also, you may take part in post-game summaries and athlete reviews. You will usually offer coverage before and after the game and offer insider information.

Although a passion for sports is a good starting point, getting into sports broadcasting is quite competitive and can be hard. Those interested in this field should take different paths including becoming broadcasting interns. If you want to become a sports broadcaster, read on:

How to Become a Sports Broadcaster

To become a sports broadcaster, you need to have a love for sports in general. You usually specialize in broadcasting the sport you know best. Watching games on TV and being present in live events can help you gain knowledge and know the game well. However, you also need to have education. You should at least have a bachelor’s degree in communication and journalism. After your formal education, you need to take internships. Broadcasting interns immerse in the field by working in local television studios, newspapers, and radio stations. Aside from gaining experience, internships offer opportunities to start networking.

Sports Broadcasting Workplace

Most sports broadcasters are male; however, female sportscaster is narrowing the gap each year. Female broadcasters are well represented in some events such as gymnastics and skating. The biggest sporting events like the Olympic Games can keep thousands of sports broadcasters employed for the competitions’ duration.

Most sports broadcasters work in television networks. But, radio is also common. Webcasting and other internet-based sports broadcasting opportunities are becoming prevalent. Typically, sports broadcasters work in a TV studio, stadium press box, the locker interviewing athletes.

Finding the First Broadcasting Job

When searching for broadcasting job, it can be easier to start at smaller stations and working your way up to larger audiences after you have honed your skills. If you are a play-by-play announcer, you must know the sport very well. You must have plenty of practice and experience. Also, you may have to fulfill other roles first like a color commentator, sports news anchor, or analyst. You need to understand what broadcasting entails and the various roles available out there. When you watch sports on game TV, it is more than just a play-by-play announcer. You must understand the various roles that different jobs play.

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