You hear a lot about the benefits of impact vests for wakeboarding. They help you perform better and save you from injuries. If you are new to the sport, it can be a great way to learn how to perform tricks on your watercraft. One of the first things that you will find out is how to perform flips and other water tricks. This can help improve your skills and help you perform better in the water. Even if you already wakeboard, there is no doubt that you will appreciate having one of these vests on so you can perform even more tricks.

The Benefits of Impact Vests for Wakeboarding You will find that the pros prefer wearing these vests when they are performing in the water. They help you perform faster, further, and better when you are getting bumped around by other boaters. Whether you are kite surfing, wakeboarding, foiling, or just any water sport, improvement is made when you utilize new techniques.

The First Benefit of wearing an impact vest is protection from hypothermia. One of the dangers of wakeboarding is being wet and cold while standing in the water. An impact life vest will keep you very warm as the vest has a flexible, anatomical flex-foam core that helps dissipate impact and heat away from your body. This feature will extend the life of your vest. You also stand a far better chance of staying inside the boundaries of a wakeboard tower, too.

The second benefit is comfort while you perform with it. Some impact vests are equipped with extra fabric on the shoulder and hip pockets for ventilation and added comfort. Some brands that make jackets like the Ronix Aries Jacket are able to add a liner to the jacket’s already flexible material to make it more breathable for wakeboarders.

The Third Benefit is buoyancy control. Wakeboarding requires that you maintain forward momentum after you land. This keeps you from sliding around and possibly getting tangled in anything that is in your wake. You will be able to keep your wakeboard upright and also assist with the creation of lift if you wear impact vests that have pvc foam panels with inner liner and elastic tie downs. These panels add additional stability to the boat and also take the weight off of your arms, so you can perform with minimal assistance.

One of the main reasons that most wakeboarders do not wear an impact vest is that they feel like they would lose too much value and functionality from not wearing one. It really depends on how you use your wakeboard and whether or not you ride in extreme conditions or not. If you wakeboard regularly and only travel a few times a year in less extreme conditions then you may not find the extra protection to justify purchasing a full body vests and bowels. On the other hand, if you wakeboard for sport and travel throughout the country on extremely difficult terrain, you are more likely to value the protection and comfort of an impact vests versus buying a life vest and bowels separately. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and safety.

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