Many people have a total misconception when it comes to kitesurfing, thinking you need to be supremely fit and have biceps of steel. This is a myth, although you do need to have some core body strength and be reasonably fit and here are a few tips to help you navigate your way into this amazing watersport.

  • Book some basic kitesurfing lessons– If you are looking for a place that offers tuition for kitesurfing in Perth, a Google search will help you to find a reputable school that offers basic and advanced lessons. Once you can stay up, you will develop quickly and like all other sports, the more you practice, the better you become.
  • Learn to fly a trainer kite– This is the first step and when compared to many other extreme sports, kitesurfing is pretty easy to pick up. This is a small, 2-3 metre traction kite that allows you to get the hang of it before actually hitting the water and it really will help you get your balance, which is an essential aspect of kitesurfing.
  • Watch YouTube ‘how to’ videos on kitesurfing– This is totally free and will prove to be invaluable and you can watch them as many times as you need to. It is worth noting that watching ‘how to’ videos cannot be compared to one-on-one professional kitesurfing instruction.
  • Kitesurfing gear– Items you will need are, a kite, a bar, lines, harness and a board and as a newbie, a second-hand kite would be adequate, at least until you become proficient. Search with Google for an established kitesurfing store, where you can acquire all the gear and book a few basic lessons. If you would rather buy a new kite, go for last year’s model, which will save you around 30% and buy from a shop with a history in the sport.
  • Crossover – If you can skateboard or water ski, you already have a lot of the moves you’ll need for kitesurfing, especially watersports. It is a good idea to grasp the theory first; understand that it is actually the harness that takes the pull of the kite, not the arms and see how your weight distribution affects your travel.

NSW is the perfect place for kitesurfing, with good winds and great beaches and next time you see a pro out there, in a couple of years, that could be you!
















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