Cricket is more than a game in India. Cricket is almost a religion that rules the heart of every Indian and contributes significantly to bringing us together, albeit the diversity. There are other sports such as wrestling, football and basketball that the people around the country follow. However, sports like a cricket game appeals to the spirit of every Indian citizen across the globe.

Such that there is a variety of fantasy cricket app in existence. Although, there are many reasons why cricket triggers the rush in Indians like no other sport globally. We have tried to put our finger on some of the prominent ones:

  • History of Cricket – Cricket and India go back to colonial times when the British East India Company ruled India. A close version of the game used to be played in 1737 by the sailors of the company near Baroda at Cambay. It was later picked up by the elite Indians, Parsees, and the westernised community. Soon, the British introduced the game to build relationships with the Indians. The game gradually became popular among the Hindus and Muslims too.
  • Easy to play – Cricket can be considered a low-maintenance sport where anyone with the basic skills can give it a go. The basic rules and minimal sports kit can get you started with the sports. There are a lot of players in the Indian cricket team who used to play in the street. They were then acknowledged and appreciated from there due to their exceptional talent. You can even play the game on a fantasy app and use your strategies there.
  • India has given many top players to the world – When it comes to cricket, India has almost always ranked as one of the top teams. Record-breaking cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, M.S Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Kapil Dev, who have left their footprint in the history of world sports, have come from India. Some household names in the country are respected and lauded by every citizen.
  • Indian Premier League – The Indian Premier League, also known as IPL, is the most renowned and celebrated domestic competition. The BCCI introduced IPL after the historic victory of India in the T20 World Cup. The league is admired and participated by some of the biggest celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, Pretty Zinta, Mukesh Abani, and many more. The bar raises every year, and high standards have managed to draw the attention of the Indian audience. It has become a fantasy sport of its own.
  • Global performance of the Team – India’s incredible performance on platforms like ICC tournaments and other leagues keep the audience riveted to the game. Furthermore, irrespective of the standard of the match, a different type of unity is present during the clash of India and Pakistan, as the two countries have a bitter history.

Cricket for every Indian citizen is more than just a sport. With the growing digitalisation and introduction of new technologies, it continues to grow and gain popularity among its fans.

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