It takes a lot to protect keepers during training. The proper gear is just as important as a good practice routine. Here is a list of the equipment you should never train without.

Pads for elbows and knees

It makes sense that keepers need extra protection since they come in contact with the pitch a lot. So, it is imperative that you use padding for your elbows and knees. By cushioning your falls, your training will be more effective and less likely to cause injuries.

Wear shin guards

Shin guards are essential when you are training or are a player in a game. Football players shouldn’t be without them. You might also want to check out a professional shop for specialist equipment since keepers’ shin guards are different.

Pads for injuries

If you’re a keeper, you should always wear injury pads. It doesn’t matter whether you are injured or not, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Using injury pads during training helps you avoid injury and keep practising.

The best place to get injury pads is from a store that specialises in goalkeeping accessories, as these stores tend to specialise in injuries associated with goalkeeping.

The glove wash

Not everyone can afford to have their gloves changed in every training session. For training gloves and match day gloves, having a high-quality glove wash is essential. To ensure your goalkeeper gloves don’t fail you when you need them, keep them in pristine condition.

The response balls

All good keepers have strong reflexes. An excellent way to train these reflexes is to use a response ball. GK stores carry excellent response balls that have random bounce effects.

The beauty of these balls is not just their unpredictable bounce, but the fact that they can be used without the help of team-mates.

GK Clothes

Accessories can provide a bit of extra support. Do not, however, overlook the importance of wearing professional GK clothing. There aren’t always a lot of options in traditional stores for keepers since they concentrate mostly on other positions.

However, it’s vital that you find the right sleeved shirt and long pants. They’ll both provide some extra protection against scrapes and falls, as well as keep you warm on the field if you don’t see a lot of action.

There are even padded GK shorts available now for greater protection and warmth. You can also find more training clothes in a GK shop. Clothing for training GKs is more durable than those used for game days since they can withstand more tough conditions and last for many hours.

Wear and use the appropriate gear

Dressing appropriately for the occasion applies to sports as well. Keepers have a lot more to worry about than forwards or midfielders. In order to aid in their performance, or provide extra comfort and cushioning, they need more accessories and tailor-made gear.

Find top goalkeeping equipment and clothing at an online store that specialises in these items.

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